Friday, 18 January 2013

Leathers?!? It's Pleather!

"On Sky TV, they have a weather channel- a 24 hour channel which only talks about the weather.  I had that growing up, it was called a window" Dan Spencer


Is it an eskimo? Is it a snowman? No, its me! Absolutely drenched and for some reason smelling like wet dog when I arrived into work this morning. I love reading other people's blogs but it perplexes me, just to how perfect they seem. This morning my journey consisted of my umbrella being turned inside out 3 times and putting my foot in a puddle which meant when I got into work my Uggs went onto the radiator. Like the other day I had brought other shoes into work but I couldn't face taking my socks off so I am currently wandering around the showroom in 1 blue fluffy sock & 1 pink fluffy socks.  Odd socks you say?? Yup, I've got into this weird habit of only wearing odd socks.  Makes for funny looks at airport security.  Funny story actually! When I went to meet Connor's granny & grandad for the first time & I took my shoes off at the door as they were muddy & of course, I had odd fluffy socks on.  I like to tell myself no-one noticed, just to make myself feel better.

I promise that I didn't do this on purpose but for some reason this has turned into leather week.  Just shows you that without even buying anything in 2013, I'm still perfectly on trend!  The cardigan I'm wearing is actually off the rails of the new Fall 2013 stock! It's quite fun,its like playing dress up when the new samples come in!  Thankfully due to the weather I don't think Lisburn will get a boobie show from me tonight but I may be hunting for my ski jacket tonight! Snow ball fight!  I have really enjoyed this week, thinking about what outfits to wear and researching for new ideas to re-work styles. 

I'm tempted next week to only wear outfits that I haven't worn in over 6 months & trust me I do have items like that in my wardrobe! Next week I do however also my event of 2013, the launch of Miss Northern Ireland which I will be attending.  I have no idea what to wear but I'm sure I will find something or re-work an outfir I have worn before!

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