Monday, 2 September 2013

Channelling my inner Morticia Addams

"I'm like Johnny Cash. I only wear black." Adele
I am going to say the same thing that everyone is saying at the minute.  When did it get to September?? It's basically autumn, summer is over, it's 114 days to Christmas, tights will start to be worn, girls will stop shaving their legs and my electric blanket will be on full blast every night.
It also means I've only 4 more months left of this challenge.  It is killing me, the actual thought of having to go back into trousers again and my winter clothes.  The summer allowed me to explore a different half of my wardrobe.  I felt like I had bought new clothes when really I hadn't.  It was all an amazing magical experience that was basically a lie.  How am I meant to completely re-style a wardrobe that I wore for the 1st 6 months of the year and not get sick of wearing the same thing, over and over again? *sigh* Thank god for the changing trends with each season.

And thus with life, there is balance in fashion.  The first half of the year saw the all white outfit being a big hit.  This was one of my favourite looks I was able to create from my wardrobe.  I did find it hard to keep recreating/revamping the look as I didn't have that many white bottoms in my wardrobe.  But as I said thank god for balance.  Ying Yang. Black and white.  The all black outfit is in this autumn. Amazing news for me as I have enough black in my wardrobe for Morticia Addams not to have to do any washing for a month.
I love this look.  Every girl does.  It is effortless, chic and best of all it suits all shapes, all sizes, all skin tones, dressed up, dressed down, you just know that you will look great no matter what.  It is one of those looks that if you are having one of those days were you think nothing is working, just pull on black trousers and a black top & bam!!! Life is back on track.  Add a statement piece necklace, a pop of colour.  Accessorise it any way that you want, it will work no matter what.
And on the 7th day, God created black so every girl could pretend that the pavement was a catwalk.




  1. love your look!
    just followed on GFC :)