Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sleep is for losers

"No rest for the wicked" Book of Isaiah
Channelling my inner Paris chic today or well trying too.  Not my favourite look of this year, I think the jumper doesn't work as well as I expected. Anyway, a few posts ago I had mentioned that I haven't stopped recently. I think my quote of the day was about how females can not rely on men but must strive for themselves especially in their careers.  My boyfriend Connor was like hmmm *cough* *cough* is this a subtle but quite obvious quote directed at me??? I was like quiet, baby.  All will be relived. Do not question what actually goes on in my head & my trail of thought. Hush.
I don't actually speak to him like that. I sound almost like Yoda.  But to be honest it was sort of about him but not in such a negative way.  Connor at the moment is back and worth to London a lot with work as he has just signed a contract with Elite Model Management. (Remember I flew over to London to watch him on a catwalk in the Elite Model Look competition in July?? Sexy leather dress? Blue heels?) Well, with him away a lot now, I am trying to keep as busy as possible.  I miss him when he is away, he's my best friend so busy equals time flying & actually the good point is that I am able to focus completely on blogging.

He does these photos & I'm like what the heck??? I don't get this sexy man beast, I get my goofball.

So events galore! Last night I was at the Debenhams A/W launch.  The girls were showcasing their key looks for Autumn/Winter 2013.  A lot of monochrome, berry colours and animal print coming through. Was lovely to see all my blogger friends & have a cup of tea with them before I had to sprint off to yoga at 7pm. Namaste.
I am also one of the finalist in the Directory 14 competition as an individual with a standout sense of style in Northern Ireland.  I had to go to judging on Monday night, where we were asked questions like what is fashion & what is style.  The winners will be announced on the 19th of September at Riddel Hall, Stranmillis so keep an eye out to see how I get on. Fingers Crossed! 
I actually destroyed a pair of jeans because of this event.  I can't even acknowledge it or else I will probably freak out.  I want boyfriend jeans, I want them so badly.  There was a gorgeous pair in Zara yesterday when I was wandering around town. I haven't really tried to DIY any of my clothes due to the fact I am crap at physical creative things.  Sure I have cut backs out of my tops to make them backless but other than that nothing.  So I took one of my cropped pair of jeans and thought...hmmm I could cut some holes in these & they could be boyfriend style.  No.  They just looked like Edward Scissorhands and I were having a mad passionate love affair and he had tried to take my jeans off. Fail on that front.
So I have got loads of things on in the next few weeks. Culture tech this weekend, Directory 14 event, Cruise Fashion Show at the Merchant, Victoria Square Style September catwalk, RSVP/Oasis Ireland Style Blogger of the year. I know this isn't really a fashion post, more of a rant that my diary is stuck to my hand lately to make sure I remember everything but I think it's nice to let you know what's going on & to stay tuned for final few months of my challenge!! I think they are going to be the most difficult! 

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