Tuesday, 10 September 2013

God bless you my child

"When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be a priest." Mike Krzyzewski, Monsters inc
It was only after I took this photo and put on my coat to walk to work that I thought to myself that I kinda looked a bit like a priest. With my white collar and all black outfit, I am happy to take all your fashion confessions. About how you have sinned against the God that is fashion and we can say our Hail Anna Wintours' together & pray for your sins to be forgiven. Amen.
One thing I need to be forgiven for is Saturday night.  Oh no, don't worry I wasn't drunk or anything, just slightly tipsy.  But it was such a good girly night.  I haven't been out in ages, didn't even go out for my birthday in July.  Starting to show my age but I was really excited for Saturday night to blow off some steam after a stressful week.  So excitedly I tried to decide what to wear.  As I said, I don't get out much anymore so all the lovely slutty dresses and short short skirts don't get worn that much.  I wanted to wear everything I owned.  And I practically did as I changed 5 times before the taxi came.  Don't get me wrong, I loved every look I had on me and now I am completely organised for the next few events that I have coming up over the next few weeks but I just couldn't decide what I was feeling.

So this is the look I ended up going with.  Mainly because I was being shouted out the door due to the the taxi waiting on us downstairs.  Remember La Senza???? Aw I loved that place, I have a thing for underwear.  I have I think 19 bras, 20 as Connor bought me a Victoria Secret one for my birthday. So as tacky as wearing a black corset out sounds, it actually worked quite well. It wasn't very visible that it was a corset, more like a structured top.  They are in Topshop at the minute as cropped versions so this is the only way I can channel this style due to a stupid challenge I set myself at the start of this year.
And here we are!! Typical toilet photo that most girls take on a night out. My gorgeous housemate Jayne and the beautiful & fabulous Rebecca McKinney, Personal stylist at Victoria Square. We didn't mean to colour corindate but we did. We are unintentionally that good.  We literally just danced all night, by the end of it my feet were on fire.  The music in Ollies, Belfast was amazing, such good tunes! Here are my beautiful feet after Saturday night. 

Question.....hat.....yes or no??? This was my hungover look for Sunday when I went for a massive munch in Maggie Mays in Botantic to settle my growling stomach. I loved it, I've so many hats but I'm too scared to wear them due to the thought of looking like an twat. Girls all said yes, boyfriend said I looked like inspector gadget. Well actually he said a 1950's detective & I said or inspector gadget. So I ignored what he said & went with it? What do you think? Yes or no?

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  1. Love the hat, it brings the whole outfit together! So pretty x