Wednesday, 26 June 2013

America Wish list

"I was brought up differently to the average American child because the average American child is brought up expecting to be happy." Marilyn Monroe
So if you are just tuning in now, where have you been for the last 6 months??? Quick catch up.
1)I am not shopping for a year.
2) Yes I am a idiot but I have succeed so far!!
3) I went on holidays to Florida at the start of June and of course, couldn't buy any of the lovely clothes they have there.
So this is my American wishlist.  I just assumed that because I had been doing so well at home that I would do ok on holidays with the no buying clothes situation. Never truer was the saying "Assume makes an ass out of you" It was hard, oh god was it hard.  At one point I rung my mum while Connor went in to a couple of shops by himself, just to have a break.  I had to do Abercrombie as I had a list of presents to buy for people so while in there I took photos of some things I would have bought. *sigh*.  Apologises for the bad photos, my hand was shaking so bad from having to stop myself buying anything and also cause the light in Abercrombie is as bad as Hollister!!!
Definitely going back to America next year to buy what I want when I want!!!!

I could have bought the whole shop, but then again if I put my rational head on all of the stock was summer stock and really how much wear am I going to get out of summer stock in Northern Ireland. That didn't really help to be honest. 
A fan of the designer shops my lover is. (Though do you find that men are more inclined to spend more money on nice clothes??? Going for the higher end shops like All Saints, Ted Baker and cruise than girls??? Just a thought) So of course we had to pop into Armani. I loved these Armani Super Skinny jeggings. 

The final stop of the day was Macys which we found out had free wifi so we sort of randomly stood around the Aisles for a while.  Got some strange stares from the employees as we uploaded as many photos to facebook as possible and used Whatsapp to text home.  Wifi is precious in America!!! Although my eyes were glued to my phone, I was able to spy these Steve Madden wedges! To die for!!! 


  1. Love those jeans! I seriously don't know how you survived in America, I always have to buy a new suitcase to bring home what I've bought! X

    1. The only way I survived is because I hadn't worn any of my summer stuff and it felt like I had new clothes! xx