Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Back with a bang

"I have had a holiday and I would like to take it up professionally!" Kylie Minogue


I am back from my holidays! Well to tell you the truth I have been back since Thursday but my brain actually hasn't worked until today.  Jet lag, delayed flights and going to bed at nearly 5am every night over the weekend didn't help.  So lack of sleep and motivation has kept me from posting until today.  It is so easy to get out of the way of things, our resorts wifi wasn't very good in Orlando and not even starbucks had wifi (Whhhhhaaaaaaa????? I know!!!!!)  There was wifi in the Disney parks which I used to quickly upload photos to Instragram but I got so easily distracted by the bright lights and rides that the wifi was quickly forgotten.  So forgive me but there was no way I was going to have a tan line of my phone on my face from trying to shade my eyes as I posted a blog.

Holiday was amazing! Though we had a tropical storm the first few days of our holiday while back in Northern Ireland, it was a heat wave. Typical!  I am going to do a few catch up holidays posts over the next few days to ease my mind back into the way of writing.  So hard to get your mind back into the way of thinking after being a child for 2 weeks straight.  Even as I type this I am rubbing my eyes and nearly falling asleep at the screen.

So what did I learn from embracing my inner child for 2 weeks in Florida?

1) my hatred for cockroaches has grown in my old age. My feet barely touched the ground when we were walking home one night due the thought of them crawling anywhere near my feet.  Oh and the snake that slithed past in front of us.

2) Nick Cannon is hilarious! And Mel B on America's got talent is very very annoying.

3) I def do not like spinny things or 3D fast moving neck jerking rides. How do I know this? I fainted coming off the Harry Potter ride at Universal. Couldn't even open my eyes to enjoy the amazingness that is Daniel Radcliffe flying in front of me.  Lucky his voice was calming enough to allow me not to boke on the ride.

4) I am better at riding a bike than Connor

5) It's amazing the lack of fear we have as a child.  My mum will be the 1st one to tell you that she used to turn her back for 1 second on me as a child and I would be gone.  Climbing a tree or carpet roll or cartwheeling off a wall but at nearly the age of 25, the summit plummit at blizzard beach nearly had me walking back down the stairs.

6) Don't go to america on a fashion fast.

7) Connor attracts crazy people to talk to him.  They see his cheekbones & they zone in on him.

8) Mcdonalds in america DO NOT do 6 mcnugget meals.  Only 10, 16 or 20 mcnuggets.

9) The Kennedy Space Center is actually not named after me, it's named after some president with the same surname....to say I was hurt is an understatement

10)  The detail at Disney is amazing.

SO back to point number 6 and actually the reason behind this blog (not the funny random facts of my holiday) but I succeeded in not buying a thing.  Oh believe me I could have bought the whole Abercrombie shop.  It didn't help my boyfriend walking around asking did I want anything or my mum saying that as I was on holiday, just to buy stuff and not tell anyone! Thanks for the support guys. 

So hard! But I did it! Though I will be going back to America next year and buying whatever the hell I want just to prove a point.  Now back to getting my life back on track.



  1. Forever 21 is my weakness. Well done you for not even sneakily buying something. ;) x


    1. I love Abercrombie! It had gorgeous stuff in it but I literally closed my eyes & pretended I wasn't there! xx

  2. Honestly - your will power!!
    this has got me so jealous - i want to go to disney world so badly, i'm not sure whether i should be admitting it but i do, i don't care. glad you had an awesome time!


    1. Jessica, who cares! I was the biggest child in Disney World!! It was amazing!!! Popcorn and Disney tunes being played every day. I wanted to audition to become a princess so I could go every day! lol xx

  3. That's so sweet, you really enjoyed your vacation, and most of all shopping is the best part.