Friday, 31 May 2013

Can I please have?

"This is not a wish list as such but a needs list" Bill Plasko

I have had this post written for the last couple of days but just haven't had the focus to post it before I go away on holidays due to my hyperness and inability to settle myself for 5 mins.  I joined my mum and little sister on a shopping trip to Ballymena. (hardly little as Carla is nearly 16 and towers over me already & looks older than me.  For instance, I got ID for buying cigarettes for my Dad the other day. I am nearly 25!!! You have to be over 16 to buy them!!!!! Facepalm) Anyway, I thought I would do a post on what I would have bought if I was allowed to buy anything for my holidays.  Thankfully Ballymena hasn't got a Zara or this post would have been a bit longer.
Not really sure if I would have worn these in Florida but I love the colour! If I buying clothes, I would definately invest in a electric blue pair of shoes for this summer! Fab colour
River Island £50

Loved this tie dye dress! It would have been lovely paired with a cropped denim jacket and flip flops to be worn at night time.
River Island £30
Gorgeous Boho chic playsuit! This was a size 6 and it looked a bit big so not sure if I had tried it on, it would have fitted nice but I love this style.  Def a festival idea though white would easily get dirty!
River Island £40
Orange is another colour for this season.  I am not sure if it really suits me, I love the colour on my step mum who is a brunette.  A colour I would like to try for the future but I though this shirt would be could with shorts and white converse.
Topshop £38
I have seen these bags everywhere and I love them! They just remind me of being back at school! I would love one but then again they could easily give you a sweaty back if you were wearing them in a hot country! Thankfully my boyfriend loves them and carries them all the time.  Will be slipping my purse into his bag to carry around! Sneaky
Topshop £34


  1. Love this post!! Following you via google friend connect!! Got a giveaway going on at the minute!!

  2. I am actually amazed at your will power girlie.. i don't know how you're doing it!
    love the bag - i bought something very similar from river island the other day!

  3. Love that backpack!

  4. Lovely choices, What i like most is that Boho playsuit.