Thursday, 2 May 2013

Time flies when you are having..

"Time is your only enemy, it disappears very quickly and never gives you a second chance.” Stevie Douglas
I feel like I have been looking my computer straight since Monday and have literally just looked up from the screen, hit my phone and it is now Thursday. Not only that but it is now May.  By which I am completely embracing the longer daylight hours, the slight raise in temperature by wearing all black.  Granted I have no sleeves on but if I look back to the 1st outfit post that I put up, I feel like I haven't made an progress.

Ok, my hair may be cleaner. (only slightly) and no more uggs but thats because of the warmer weather.  So do I have an excuse??? I was trying to achieve a sort of sleek look for today, I had converse in my bag to wear but I have kept the boots on.  We have no customers at the minute and I have simply been gutting the office of anything we don't need so it is nice and tidy for the managing director coming over to visit us in two weeks.  So yeah, not my best look. Really not my best look.

So this is me at Disneyland Paris in December. Connor and I went to Paris for 5 days over new years eve but now we have decided to take it a step further.  Some of you may have read before that we have booked another holiday to go to Italy at the start of June.  Well that has been scrapped.  Now we are going to florida!!!!! 12 days of the ultimate bucket list ticking off, swimming with dolphins, Harry Potter world, Disney World, Universal studios,  Nasa, Tampa, you name it, we plan to do it.  AHHHHHH I can't wait.  Thank god, I kept these ears!
But the reason I am telling you this is the fact that I have stupidly booked a trip to America and I can not shop.  Our hotel is right beside the Premium Outlet Mall and I can not buy a thing from it.  Blonde must be my middle name. Or I should have included a rule in the rule book that I could shop when I was not in the UK.  Not only that but I can't buy anything for going.  I don't think that will be a problem, I got my summer wardrobe down from my store and it was a lot more than I expected.  Also, I plan to be naked this whole holiday so I can get an all round tan.  But Connor has already has subtle hits that I would like some Victoria Secret underwear for my birthday in July. Hint Hint Hint if you are reading this Mr Pop.
Have you been to florida? If so let me know any tips or places we should def go!


  1. Have been reading your blog and loving it! Being a student it's hard to try budget buying clothes, but I somehow manage to buy at least two new items a week (terrible I know). So it has just dawned on me that you must end up saving SO much money on clothes this year. I think you deserve more than one holiday with what you will save! X

  2. Get into the parks as they open and do the main rides first thing before the queues build up. Then go and have a nice breakfast while everyone else is arriving. You are edging into the rainy season so expect a downpour about 2pm in the afternoons. You can use this to your advantage though by carrying on with rides while everyone else stops to lunch and then heading in somewhere to eat when rain comes down early afternoon.