Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The sun has got this hat on

"“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me."" Hafiz

Aw what a lovely day it is on this Tuesday afternoon!  It looks fantastic as I look out the windows of my office! *sigh* The joys of being an adult and having a full time job.  I really love my outfit today! I never would have thought to put this outfit together before this challenge.  No word of a lie but I have had this skirt 7 years.  I bought it for a christening when I was 18, wore it with a white sleeveless poloneck.  It looked awful.  You know when you were younger but going to a mature event and you try to dress older but you dress like a 50 year librarian.  Yes, that is what I looked like.  I threw out the white sleeveless poloneck but for some reason all these years I kept this skirt.  I haven't worn it till I wore it with my denim shirt. (which was featured on MSN homepage on an article for WIWT). 

Should have tidied my bed.
So happy to be wearing this skirt again! So happy to have kept it for this long.  The dates on my diary have to be lying to me.  It can't be the 7th of May today.  Apparently it isn't, which is why I am so surprised that I go to Rotterdam next week! Next week I have asked to take back in the TBU conference.  This is an traveller blogs conference were bloggers are giving the opportunity to interact with each other and help brainstorm ideas for their blogs.  It also allows people to meet face to face rather than all through a computer screen.  You may ask well why are you going Laurina, you are hardly a traveller blogger.  Well I know that but they also have other niche blogs including fashion! So I have been asked to attend next week to discuss my blog and why I think it has been successful so far.  No pressure! Keep an eye out on what I will be wearing, packing and also the beautiful city of Rotterdam! 


  1. I love finding an item of clothing after all those years and discovering it still works! Have a great time at the blogging conference - what a great opportunity!

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