Thursday, 9 May 2013

Delboy & Rodney

"If it is on sale and it's in my size then God wants me to have it." Laurina Kennedy


So Saturday morning, my mum texts me at the ungoldy hour of 8.10am.  Why would we be up this early on a saturday morning? Fashion Souk of course! Fashion souk is a local event in Belfast were people can sell their previously loved luxury labels to locally designed & handmade jewellery and accessories.  It was my first experience of The Fashion Souk and I couldn't wait.  At this stage of my challenge I have a fair idea of everything I definitely want to wear in my wardrobe and this I look at and think....why did I ever buy this? You know it yourself, after a while there are pieces in your wardrobe that just don't work for who you want to be or the style that you want to dress like.  The Fashion Souk is a fab option for helping to recycle these pieces. And as every good daughter does, they rope their mums into helping them.

Not something you want to see on a early morning, your face on a poster
Located at Spires Mall in the heart of Belfast city centre, vendors are able to rent 2 rails or a table and a rail.  We had a table and a rail but to say we were novices would be an understatement.  People had signs, mirrors, table clothes, pictures.  I was straight into my handbag to rip a piece of paper out of my notebook to write that everything at our stall was five pounds.  To say we were surrounded by professionals isn't an exaggeration.  We stuck out like a sore thumb, spot the first timers!

I was amazed at the arrays of treasures at the Fashion Souk.  Poor mum kept getting abandoned as I snuck off to have a nosey at all the amazing pieces.  She was fine, she was chief seller! The Fashion Souk is a great idea for anyone.  I spoke to most vendors to see if they were first timers like me or was it a normal thing for them. Most people sold there every time it was on because it is such a good local event.  It was busy right through from 10am to 4pm. But there were other vendors who were there for the first time like me.  A friend of mine, Dani was selling previously loved clothes as she is moving to Vancouver soon so it is a great idea to earn a bit of extra cash.

I loved the fact this challenge has open my eyes to fantastic local brands.  Take Elephant juice by Linzi Rooney.  Linzi makes handmade bespoke jewellery from silver cutlery.  All I can do with a spoon is barely get it in my mouth with out spilling my food everywhere! Gorgeous stuff! Linzi very kindly get me a gorgeous heart necklace made out of a table spoon.  Wore it with pride at The Fashion Souk.

How amazing is this Scooby Doo chair?!?! I wanted it so much but trying to save for Florida.  This is on my birthday wish list if anyone is reading this and needs ideas!!  Back to the chief seller, and we made a profit! We decided that with our profit, we would treat ourselves to a girly dinner, mummy and daugther style. 

I loved taking part in The Fashion Souk, it is a great idea to earn money selling your previously loved clothes but also a great idea if you are starting out as a fashion or accessories designer.  I would recommend to be more organised than we were.  You want to be eye catching if you want to sell as much as possible.  Bring signs, table clothes, sweeties. Then you can either re-invest your profits or go out and have a few cocktails like I did! Definitely would do it again!
The next Fashion Souk is on Saturday the 1st of June. For more information, check them out on facebook or email them, links are below.



  2. Great to meet you at the Souk! I'm a regular shopper but would love to get a stall - definitely need a clear out! And I adore Elephant Juice, in particular the little bracelets - want this on my birthday wish list!