Thursday, 16 May 2013

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere

"Women can't live with them, can't live without them" Desiderius Erasmus

One feels very cultured at the moment. Art and Design tours in the morning, exploring the wonderful city that is Rotterdam in the afternoon then a smart/casual networking event hosted by Rotterdam tourist board in the evening. Oh yes darling! Quite high class, one might say. 

Or one might tell you the truth and say that she enjoyed everything in Rotterdam but the highlight of her day was when she found a shop that sold salt & vinegar crisps as one had a wild crazing for them.

After stuffing ourselves with breakfast this morning, we were treated to a tour around Rotterdam focusing on mainly the Arts and Culture side of it and boy is there a lot! I love Belfast but it simply couldn't have random pieces of art that Rotterdam has everywhere as it would be trashed or destroyed. People had even left some bikes completely unlocked, if that was Belfast they would be gone in two seconds flat. My inner hood was even coming out when I saw the bikes, just a simple wondering would anyone notice if I stole it. 

The only damper on the tour was that it was wet. Kinda refreshing to know that it's not just in Northern Ireland where we have been having miserable weather. Quick march back to the hotel and into the sauna! Have I mentioned that our hotel room has a sauna???? Maybe a few hundred times on my twitter. The gorgeous newly opened Mainport Hotel where the conference is being held has truly been christened by Connor and I. Jesus!!! Not in that sense, you dirty minded people! ;) But in the sense of we have used every inch of our hotel room already. The fancy coffee machine, sure why not! Don't even like coffee but it's free! The whirlpool pool bath, rainfall shower, mirror with a tv in it and of course, did I mention the sauna?!? All been used 50 times & we only been here a day. 

Quick change and over to the Maritime Museum where the Head of Rotterdam tourism was hosting a mixer for all speakers & delegates. It was nice to finally meet some fellow speakers & some of the organisers of the event. Nice to put faces to email addresses and twitter names. I am crap in these situations, I'll be the first one to admit it. Thankfully Connor knows this and is usually the first one to strike up a conversation and then include me in the conversation. I appreciate that he knows my weakness and works with me to help me out! Thanks cocopops! Without him, I would still be standing in a corner staring at the same picture all night. Or pretending to look at something on my phone.

Tomorrow is D-Day! Getting up on stage to give an hour and 45mins discussion on my blog, knowing my audience, mistakes that I have made, etc etc. It's very technical, things that I had never really thought off till I got the email from Travel blogger unite letting me know the guidelines for the talk. Hopefully my answers will give advice to the other bloggers!!! I will let you know!!!


  1. good luck for tomorrow! Rotterdam looks gorgeous!x

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  4. wow ! such an amazing pics ! I really love them.

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  5. Great Pics! You are so inspirational! I recently discovered your blog and its amazing that you are truly showing everyone that shopping isn't necessary. Love it!