Monday, 13 May 2013

Smelling like biscuits

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”  Dalai Lama
This time four years ago, I meet the two best friends I have or will ever have, three years ago I got my first proper catwalk job, two years ago I felt that I had made it as a model in Northern Ireland and this time last year, I first laughed and sung along to Justin Timberlake with my now boyfriend.  All because of Miss Northern Ireland.  It is an event that is definitely close to my heart.  Miss Antrim 2009, I didn't even make the top 8 but the ripple effect from Miss Northern Ireland has been amazing.  It gave me confidence, got me noticed and worked wonders for my CV.  The Face of Belfast Fashion week, my now full time job as a PA for a fashion agent and even my love life, the chain of events that taking part in Miss Northern Ireland set off is still being felt four years later.  Alison Campbell, the organiser of the competition for twenty seven years, always says everyone is a winner.  When she said it in 2009, I thought yeah, ok, sure.  But she was right.
So at the minute I am sitting in my office smelling like biscuits.  I stink of fake tan but tonight I am taking part in the fashion catwalk show at the Miss Northern Ireland Gala Final.  The nationwide search to find the Open + Direct Miss Northern Ireland 2013 will come to an end tonight after 2 months searching across the length and breath of Northern Ireland for a potential winner.  Twenty six gorgeous hand picked finalists will battle it out tonight for the crown at the Europa Hotel. And I will be there backstage having a nosey at all the girls.  I have my winner picked, do you have yours??? Check out tomorrow's blog on backstage photos and who the winner is!! Exciting!
Pictured at Open + Direct Miss Northern Ireland finalists’ photo shoot are 26 local beauties, who gathered at The OUTLET, Banbridge for the shoot ahead of the gala final on Monday 13 May, when this year’s winner will be crowned. 

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