Thursday, 20 June 2013

Short shorts

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” Elbert Hubbard

Imagine if you lived in a country where your stable wardrobe piece was shorts.  Instead of scarves, blankets, double, even triple layers of clothes just to stop your teeth chattering in May! I have put together a couple of colleges of my  holiday fashion.  I think you can guess the order of days by how white I am.
I was so excited to wear pieces from my wardrobe that I hadn't been able to wear this year yet. So my suitcase really consisted of things that I don't usually wear at home.  Florida isn't really a drinking holiday or a overly dressed holiday unless you hitting Miami or something.  We of course stayed within Orlando so mainly focused on the theme parks.  Some days I even felt dressed up wearing what I was wearing!
I had no real fashion faux pas apart from the first day (that's the whitest of white photo of me, with the coloured pattern top from topshop and beige shorts from Hollister). I tried not to wear a bra as much as possible a) to reduce tan lines as much as possible and b) bras make you feel so restricted and sweaty in such a muggy climate c) Connor has trouble with them.  So underneath the top I wore a black bandeau top; could I understand why it kept slipping down?!?! I simply put it down to my small breasticles so I spent the first day walking round the Magic Kingdom pulling up the bandeau every 5 steps. Then we went on Splash Mountain which you have to go on with your arms up (during freefall I did put my arms down as I am a wuss).  Of course, minute I put my arms up, my bandeau top came down. Trying not to scare any children, I quickly pulled it up but twisted it upside down to the way I had been wearing it.  This happened to be the correct way to wear it as it had an elastic bit I hadn't realised. Facepalm.

Black shorts, the one thing I didn't have so I made like a thief ninja and borrowed some from my little sister.  Never worn, tags still on them from Topshop, these black shorts caused quite a stir. Basically my arse hung out of them. You could see most of my peachy globes.  Probably the reason behind why my little sister hasn't worn them.  Got a few beeps and looks at Universal. I'm always causing a stir wherever I got! HA

My holiday style is pretty basic.  Hollister shorts, H&M tops with a couple of dresses from Victoria secret and Primark thrown in.  When I am on holidays I just like to relax.  No dressing up, no effort, just go with the flow.  The heat just drains me as well so I can't be bothered doing anything.  Everything was baggy as Florida has such a humid heat.  I brought with me a denim shirt and my leather skirt, both are tight & once you are there in that heat, there was no way I could of even got a tight leather skirt on over my arse.

Such a great holiday & now I am home and can't even show off my tan.  Trousers and long sleeved tops. *sigh*


  1. I love these casual looks for a holiday. simple but effective!

    1. Thanks Jessica! With the heat in Florida, simple is the best policy!!! x