Monday, 19 August 2013

Absolute Mustard

“Yes. And also, if it's okay by you, I'd like to shut up now... Or possibly just go somewhere and swallow my face.” Lesley Livingston
Totally down styled a dress today. It's like magic.  This dress is usually a very dressy dress, a night out kinda of dress.  A sexy trying to impress dress.  But if by magic, I am able to wear it to work today.  With the help of a magic jumper.  Love this mustard colour and blue together.  Something I never would have worn before or put together before this challenge. Nice to wear colour rather than black or white paired with something colour. 

This photo shows the top of the dress which I have concealed with the jumper & made it look like a mustard pencil skirt. Ta Da!!!
To give you a laugh on a Monday morning as I like to entertain my readers as much as possible.  When I started this challenge, I knew that I would make mistakes. And I have, sometimes I have worn an outfit and the next day I have been like Oh no, that actually didn't work.  But that is what this year is about.  It is a learning curve for me, finding my own style, putting thought into my outfits, trying to be more fashionable.
But in the process of trying to be more fashionable, I forgot that 5 out of the 7 days I have to have a fashionable WORK outfit.  Well I didn't forget.  I just made a boo boo.  Last week, I wrote a post and at the end posed the question of how short is short for wearing a skirt for work. When I was walking to work I knew I was wearing a short skirt, it was a bit breezy around my lower region.  But I told myself I was imaging things or over thinking it in my head.  The skirt was never that short on me and if I was right then it was barely covering my cheeks.  I must have done something to it. Spot the blonde.  Also, spot the person who could not bend over in work but must have forgot cause my boss laughed at me and pulled me up on it.  AHHHHH! FACEPALM. 
So embarrassing! I must have made it smaller or something in the wash.  But now I am really worried about what actual length of skirt is acceptable for work? My work is mainly smart casual.  I have some lovely skirts that look lovely with shirts but are above the knee.  Not as short as that one!!! Just slightly above the knee.  When I started this job I never got a yes or no list of things to wear.  It isn't a proper office based job either, I am working in fashion so I like to look nice and fun.  So should I ban all my skirts that aren't below the knee? But if I am wearing tights in winter is slightly above the knee ok?? Uuuuuhhhhh I don't know.

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