Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Precious

"Sometimes Pattern trousers come in handy when trying to match the carpet in your office" bourbonbasted, Styleforum

My shoes are really starting to smell.  Granted I have quite smelly feet already but the fact is I haven't bought new shoes in 7 months or probably more.  If you think about it, I haven't bought summer shoes since last summer so technically I have been wearing these for over a year now & they are starting to get a whiff about them.  My black studded pumps that I wear religiously to work, if they get too close to my face I can definitely smell a pong coming from them.  What am I meant to do??? They are the only black shoes I own other than high heels, trainer wedges or boots.  I am not going to be saving any money from this year due to the fact I will have to bin most of my wardrobe at the end of this year.

One thing I won't be binning are these trousers.  Confession.  They are new.  BUT I didn't buy them.  This amazing thing called blogging has opened doors for me & given me stuff.  Free stuff!!! When I met with the PR girls from Warehouse to hear about them opening their fab new store in Victoria Square in September, they gifted me the gorgeous neon necklace you may have spotted me wearing (If not, check it out here) 
They also gave me a £50 gift voucher!!!! 

I went to the Warehouse in Forestside, think Gollum from The Lord of the Rings with my giftcard. My precious.  It was so surreal, walking around actually looking at the clothes but actually looking at the clothes in a sense of hey, I may buy you.  I wanted something that I had desired for a while.  You have to understand I could have bought everything in the shop because I could have just went crazy and relapsed.  It's like setting alcohol down in front of an alcoholic & saying you are allowed a sip.  Ok, maybe thats a bit more serious than my shopping addiction.

I walked around the shop for 35 mins, touching everything, smelling everything, rubbing my face with wallets, handbags over my arms.  The shop assistants were looking at me thinking who is this crazy person.  I wanted boyfriend jean, really baggy, lots of ribs.  I love the look at the moment of the boyfriend jeans and high heels.  Love to wear them out to dinner with a blazer.  So I tried on Warehouse's boyfriend style jeans and boy were they gorgeous!! Best fitting jeans I have had on me in ages. However, they weren't quite what I was looking for, not baggy enough.  So then I tried these on pattern trousers & we have a winner!!!

They just go with anything, you can wear them 101 ways.  I have kept it quite plain so far when I have worn them. Sticking to a plain black or white top & black pumps but I would love to wear them with a clashing top or even a colourful cami.  They are great for work too and I think they would be lovely even with heel highs for heading out to cocktails.  I almost cried as I saw the blue version of the trousers featured in the Look magazine 2 weeks ago.  It is so nice to be wearing something that you know is in style.  Can't remember the last time I saw something in a magazine were I was like ooohhh I have those, totes on trend or they are beaut, I am going to get them.  And the best thing is I still haven't spent all of my gift voucher!!! Oooohhhhh my precious, I am keeping you. Coveting you for a later date. Yes, my precious.


  1. Haha love your new trousers - patterned trousers are doing it for me these days too, such a nice change from jeans and so easy to dress up or down like you say.

    Nic x

  2. I know Nicola, they are perfect for work! I always feel underdressed in jeans or chinos but these give that edge to the outfit that I think you need at work. See you tomorrow! xx