Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Resorted to stealing

"Borrowing is not much better than borrowing; just as lending with interest is not much better than stealing." Doris Lessing 
I have resorted to stealing.  Well not stealing as such, I am not slinking my way into Victoria Square at night like a ninja to steal clothes.  The clothes of my friends and family are a different story though.  Take the last 3 days and my outfits.  Apart from this neon green skirt, I haven't worn anything that was my own this week at all.  I was up home visiting my granny who has broken both her arms.  Having left my sunglasses at my mums house when I was up visiting my family the last night I was up, I popped to my mums to grab them.  It was then, the idea presented itself to me.  My mum and little sister are away currently in Italy for 3 weeks therefore leaving their wardrobes wide open for me to steal.  Think of a pig rolling in (shit) mud.  That was me in the middle of 2 wardrobes with stuff I hadn't worn before.

So this has helped calmed my nerves.  Feels like new clothes but it isn't.  This is usually the time of year when I spend loads on clothes.  I don't know why, if it is because I always have a bit of cash after summer or if it is because I love the Fall collections more than any other season but this is the time of year I spent my most on clothes.  It was this time last year when I spent so much that I was like....hold on a second, this is bad.

So stealing is now the new in thing to do.  Even my friends wardrobes aren't safe.  My bff Zoe let me borrow a skirt to head out one night and she forgot to take it the next day so I sneakily wore it to work.

Speaking of skirts,  what skirt length should you wear to work????
I am wearing my neon tweed skirt today and as I was walking to work this morning, I felt my whole arse was on show.  Have I gotten taller??? No.  Have I washed the skirt at too high a temperature??? No.  But all of a sudden it seems so short! I haven't bent to pick anything up all day as I know I will show my ass off.  Recently, every single time I wear a skirt this seems to happen.  Am I a slut and I haven't noticed until now? All my skirts seem so short!!! Is it my old age??? I feel like my boss has been watching my skirt line all day.
Due to the fact that I don't have a uniform per say, it is so hard to know what I can wear.  What length of skirts are a big nono??? Anything above the knee??? Even if it is slightly above the knee? I have no idea.

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