Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Skirts Rule, Boys drool

"I think a lot of women have too many mini skirts in their closet" Michael Kors

It has come to my attention that this summer I have hardly worn any trousers. I have basically survived in skirts.  I am actually not looking forward to getting back to trousers soon. Though on the days where there has been alot of wind, it hasn't been that fun to wear a skirt.
So back to the main reason for the blog, to catalogued my outfits each day, styling new outfits & trends out of my old wardrobe.  Today I put on this tartan shirt as I had seen the new Mango Fall lookbook and it included a leather skirt and a tartan shirt which I loved.  Though for work my short leather skirt wouldn't really work so wearing a slightly longer skater skirt.  Of course, my daily ritual of having a nosey at Asos relived that tartan shirts are totally in again. I'm with it and I didn't even though. Too cool for school.
Even though I haven't been writing that much lately, I am still posting to instagram every day! Check it out and follow peeps!
Also, if you want easy access to all of my outfits, follow the link on the homepage entitled "My Outfits"
That will bring you to my pinterest page dedicated to all the outfits I have worn over the last 7 months.  Easy for ideas & trends that I have worn & you have liked :)




  1. Love this look! Will definitely be checking out your Pintrest.
    Can't believe it's been 7 months - I'm still completely blown away by the entire concept of fashion fasting.

  2. Thanks Jessica, I know neither can I!! Sometimes I think it has been a really long time but to be honest it has flown by! Not looking forward to going back into winter clothes though! xx