Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Not a girly girl

"People think I am making a fashion statement by not wearing a bra.  But really I am just a tomboy at heart." Cameron Diaz

I am not a girly girl.  It is probably the reason why I haven't been posting that much cause I simply don't want to bore you.  Oh that crazy girl still hasn't bought clothes 7 months later.  She's still crazy.  I am not really doing anything of greatness lately, I am simply working away & enjoying my summer.  Other than that I can't write the random posts of hey! I want to do this or this is what my bedroom looks like cause if it was me I wouldn't read those posts.  But I am a cynical, sarcastic b**ch.  Though I had my eyes opened on Saturday.

On Saturday I was asked to review a promotion which is running in Belfast at the moment entitled "Beauty and the Brunch."  I had seen a few of the other Belfast Bloggers had got invited to review it so thought why not and they said I could bring a friend! So I brought my ex housemate Ciara who I have hardly seen since she moved out in March.  For £25, you can head to The Beauty Company off Montgomery Street in the centre of town to get a beauty treatment done then to lunch at St George's Bar and Grill.  Pretty good value when the beauty products alone usually start at £30!
So off we went, chinwagging (chatting non-stop) the whole way to the beauticians.  We both had the Shellac nails done (though you can get either a deluxe manicure or a Spray tan too), I had a divine pastel blue and Ciara had a soft mint colour painted on.  Now I am not a girly girl but I loved the whole process. Nails cut and painted while catching up with a friend over herbal tea! The girls in The Beauty Company were great fun too!! Ciara even got some fab free samples of new dermalogica products! Great service!

My divine pastel blue colour & red berry herbal tea!

We had a nice little wander around the shops in town then we dandered on over to St George's Market to have a nosey.  Now for living a 5 minute walk from St. George's market, I wish I made more of an effort with it.  It has such an atmosphere and it sells everything!!! We were booked in for lunch upstairs in the St George's Bar and Grill.  They had a fab balcony where Ciara and I had lunch on.  It was amazing just to people watch! People watching is such a holiday thing to do but with the sun streaming in through the glass ceiling of the market and the people buying all their produce and then Ciara and I nattering on about clothes, holidays and boys, we could have been anywhere.

I had never been in the St George's Bar and Grill before and I was really impressed by how busy it was on a Saturday afternoon at noon! Ciara and I were both starving by the time we got to the restaurant.  The food definitely hit the spot though! I had a gorgeous potato and leek soup while Ciara had the sausage and mushroom risotto.  Yummy, yummy in my tummy!
It was a really girly outing, one that I hadn't ever really done before! I can now see why so many ladies lunch!!! It was fab just to relax and catch up with Ciara but at the same time take in the amazing things that Belfast has to offer and for such a fab price, I have decided to do it all over again this weekend!!
And what pray tell of the fashion for the day? I wore my gorgeous new shirt that my mum got me for my birthday and a brown leather look skirt I bought from H&M a few years ago.  Me being an idiot must have put it in the tumble dryer and it has magically gotten smaller.  (Either that or my bum has got bigger!!) So I spent the whole day walking around with my hands firmly on the bottom of the skirt pulling it down so I didn't show my arse to Belfast.  It is now in the bin, 1 skirt that can now be taken off the list of items I own.  What is that 28 skirts down to 27? Very annoyed

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  1. LOVE what you're wearing in the top photo. Effortless yet so fashionable!


    1. Thanks Madeline!!! I wish the print on the vest was higher so you could see it all! Pencil skirts are so easy to dress up & down. I love them xx

  2. Love your outfit photos! Especially the skirt in the second pic!


    1. Thanks Laura! That skirt is dangerous!!! One of those ones that shifts up as you walk!! So it looks nice but I was holding it down all day! Nightmare! But I love the 2 colours together, the tan and the pastel blue. xx