Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Falling apart

"Broken! Busted! Everybody has something to repair.  Before buying new, let mightly putty fix it for you!" Billy Mays

When I started this challenge I didn't really take into the account the wear and tear my clothes would be going through.  I am washing the same things repeatedly, wearing the same things over and over again though I do try to wear new things on days that I know I will be writing a blog post as I just think it would get boring otherwise.  But not only are my shoes feeling the wear and tear of my smelly feet but today I have realised I have a hole in this lovely skirt. Right over the seam on my bum.  Thankfully I am wearing a long cardigan with this look but it is so nice with out the cardigan that I am raging I have to wear the cardigan all day. My boss is properly wondering who did she hire??? Too short skirts, holes in skirts, a pongy smell coming off her shoes.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had organised a girly family photoshoot with my mum and little sister as a Christmas gift/birthday present to my mum. (I know, a little late organising it but I was purposely waiting for the good weather!) I just wanted to share some of the photos and give a little shout out to Miss Kelly McAllister, amazing photographer! She did exactly what I asked for and more! I wanted the photos to be fun and reflect our personalities but keeping them as natural as possible. I love them!  There actually isn't a bad photo of any of us in the album she sent me which says a lot for her skills!!! Check out her website: Kelly McAllister

Ps: check out my new badge!! I'm nominated for best newcomer in the Irish Blog Awards! Woop!! Promise if I get to come to the award ceremony that I won't wear any smelly shoes or holely skirts.